expanding cement

expansive cement, sulfoaluminate cement

A cement which when mixed with water forms a paste that tends to increase in volume, after setting, to a significantly greater degree than portland cement paste does; used to compensate for volume decrease due to shrinkage or to induce tensile stress in reinforcement. Classified as Type K: Contains anhydrous aluminosulfate burned simultaneously with a portland cement composition, or burned separately when it is to be inter-ground with portland cement clinker or blended with portland cement, calcium sulfate, and free lime. Type M: A mixture of portland cement, calcium aluminate cement, and calcium sulfate. Type S: A portland cement containing a large computed tricalcium aluminate content, modified by an excess of calcium sulfate above usual optimum content.
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Expanding Cement Business: Elementia has built its cement division over the last five years to become the largest contributor to company EBITDA.
The conventional preventive methods of shrinkage cracks of concrete include expanding cement [3], surface treatments like prestressed technology [4], shrinkage-reducing admixtures [5-9], optimal temperature and humidity curing conditions [10], and expansive additives [11, 12].
"FLSmidth has a long history in Iraq and the Middle East, and is maintaining its leading role in serving the rapidly expanding cement market.
"Brazil is continuously investing heavily in development projects, both to support upcoming events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games and to provide housing and build infrastructure, and this order enables FLSmidth to maintain its leading role in supporting Brazil's rapidly expanding cement industry, and maintain close ties with our long term customer Cimpor," Group CEO Jorgen Huno Rasmussen said.
Sulfoferrite clinker is calcine the raw material mixture consisting of a carbonate component, gypsum, and iron component, and is used as an expanding additive in the production of composite dimensionally stable and expanding cements [1].