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expanding universe:

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totality of matter and energy in existence. The study of the origin of the universe, or cosmos, is known as cosmogony, and that of its structure and evolution, cosmology. The age of the universe depends on which theory of cosmology one accepts.
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expanding Universe

The observation that radiation from distant galaxies is redshifted leads to the conclusion that all galaxies (beyond the Local Group) are receding from us or, more precisely, that the distance between clusters of galaxies is continuously increasing. The Universe as a whole is therefore expanding. This expansion was discovered by Edwin Hubble in 1929 although it had already been suggested by theoretical cosmologists. It is the observational basis of the Big Bang theory. The Universe may eventually contract if the deceleration parameter exceeds 0.5. See Hubble constant; Hubble's law; redshift.
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expanding universe

[ik¦spand·iŋ ′yü·nə·vərs]
Explanation of the red shift observed in spectral lines from distant galaxies as due to a mutual recession of galaxies away from each other.
A model of the universe describing the process defined in the astronomy definition, in which the universe is nonstatic, homogeneous, and isotropic; based on Einstein's field equations with a nonvanishing cosmical constant.
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We demonstrate further that the expanding universe can also originate from a huge collapsing black hole.
The release of Expanding Universe was timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the HST's launch.
The radius of a galaxy in an expanding universe can be tackled in two different ways.
Organization is in six sections on development and propagation of static and dynamic models of the universe in light of red shift, the question of who gets credit for discovering the expanding universe, the instrumentation challenges and observational techniques of the Lowell Observatory, the long-range historical context for modeling the universe, reflections on Slip her as a person by those who knew him, and the modern advances in studying the expanding universe.
Also, the slowly expanding universe model (crosses) with [H.sub.0] = 2.017 x [10.sup.-18] Hz [s.sup.-1] [Hz.sup.-1] plus the RS resulting from the expansion with 5 km [s.sup.-1] [Mpc.sup.-1] shows a similarly good fit with [P.sub.[chi]-square] = 0.4734, and consequently the two models become nearly identical.
The upper integration limit r max can be derived from a side step to the Hubble expanding universe [2, 3].
Regarding the multiverse solution to the anthropic problem presented in his new popular book, the reader should be aware that string theory is not an experimentally confirmed part of physics, neither is the connection with inflation that says different string vacua will be realised in different expanding universe domains.
An expanding universe meant that it had been smaller previously.
From Bufano's perspective, The Expanding Universe is undoubtedly a symbolic "projectile," recalling the cold war's intercontinental ballistic missiles that in 1962 threatened life on earth.
"These acquisitions will enhance our ability to serve our existing customer base in central Indiana and offer our services to an expanding universe of new customers throughout the central and southern parts of the state," says Danny Rifkin, OmniSource's president and chief operating officer.
''We live in an expanding universe, and Griffith Observatory has come up-to-date in the 21st century with new components that allow people to feel a little bit more at home in the universe than they did back in 1935,'' said E.C.
On the theme The Expanding Universe of Holography the programme includes several papers on new or revised techniques for holograms.