expansion strip

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expansion joint

expansion joint, 1
1.A joint or gap between adjacent parts of a building, structure, or concrete work which permits their relative movement due to temperature changes (or other conditions) without rupture or damage.
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If you're doing the sidewalk in one pour, slip the expansion strip into the wet concrete every 30 ft.
Full-service lumberyards and home centers carry all this forming material as well as reinforcing mesh and expansion strips (Photos 1, 8 and 17) you'll need.
Once you've got all the boards down you need to remove the spacers all around and insert the cork expansion strips, then fit a metal or wooden threshold over the edge of the flooring in all the doorways.
Benefits are awarded 1 275 sqm floor on separating about 65 mm with surface cleaning, expansion strips and expansion joint.
As you work, bear in mind: * Use foam expansion strips Photo 2A), not mortar, where the glass wall meets another wall.