expect further clearance

expect further clearance (time)

An expression used in radio communications to indicate the time at which a pilot can expect to receive clearance beyond a clearance limit.
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A key piece of information that should be a part of every holding clearance is the expect further clearance (EFC) time.
Expect further clearance at 45 past the hour; time now 20 past the hour." A hold?
Regardless, each holding pattern clearance has three basic elements: the direction to hold from the holding fix, the holding fix itself and the "expect further clearance time" (EFC), the point by which ATC expects to either send you on your way or give you another EFC.
With regard to getting an expect further clearance (EFC) time for holding at the MAHP (Readback, October 2011IFR), that's generally done only when requested by the pilot, either for training or to wait for weather to improve.