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(1) A specialist (in, for example, an area of science, technology, or art) who is invited to help study problems whose solution requires specialized knowledge (see).

(2) In law, a person who has specialized knowledge and is asked to conduct an examination (see). The request may come from agencies of investigation, the court, other governmental agencies (such as an arbitration tribunal), or nongovernmental agencies (such as an arbitration board). In the USSR the work of an expert is regulated by procedural legislation and statutes that pertain to the institutions conducting examinations. Questions that are decided by an expert should not involve the juridical aspects of a criminal or civil case. Conclusions are presented by the expert in written form. The expert may be held criminally responsible for knowingly giving a false conclusion or for refusing without reason to present his conclusion.

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Expertise: social and cultural impact of data technologies, state surveillance and counter-terrorism, political disinformation and deepfake videos
'However, Expertise accomplished its business targets that year with an overall growth of 20 per cent, because of which we hired more than 2,000 employees and purchased more than 1,000 pieces of equipment to cater to the demands of 2019,' he says.
Any death, or democratization, of expertise in our society is at least partly a result of convenience.
Collins's defense of science begins by delimiting the scope of default expertise. Although everyone has acquired some level of what he calls ubiquitous expertise (e.g., in speaking a native language, in taking a bath), specialist expertise (e.g., of physicians, concert pianists, mathematicians) depends on dedicated, conscious acquisition of tacit knowledge and explicit procedures within a distinctive group.
In this article we take up the question of expertise for full-time NTTF in a freestanding department of writing and rhetoric, where faculty at all levels are involved not only in first-year composition but also in several undergraduate degree programs, the writing center, and the writing across the curriculum program.
Bahrain is planning to expand its towns using Expertise France and plans to attract "mega French companies as part of long-term agreements aiming to ensure efficient urban planning and implementation".
In other words, expertise is usually far more divided on a given issue than is science.
Angott, president; E-mail:; Phone: 248-650-4800;; Expertise: middle-to-senior management, commercial and personal property/casualty, employee benefits.
The delegation hailed Jordan's expertise in beekeeping domain, noting that Syrian looks forward to benefiting from the Jordanian expertise in this respect.
"This new research adds to the evidence that the brain processes faces differently because of our expertise with them.
Initially, the ontology had two objectives: (1) to ensure a common understanding of specific terms describing members' fields of expertise and research relevant to state-of-the-art life cycle engineering; (2) to provide the structure of the VRL-KCiP knowledge map.

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