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A The expiration date stamped on your prescription does not necessarily indicate the date after which the medication is no longer potent or safe to use.
"In fact, experts on identity theft will tell you that printing the expiration date doesn't present any risk of fraud or identity theft, as long as the account number is truncated.
Form paragraph 18 provides that (in addition to any rent due prior to termination of the lease), landlord may recover, each month, until the originally-stated expiration date, an amount equal to (i) the rent stipulated in the lease for that month, minus (ii) the rents received, if any, from the re-letting of the premises, plus (iii) landlord's costs of trying to relet, e.g., brokerage commissions, and expenses of demolition of the space.
Recommendation: Provide an explanation of the expiration date in the instructions to the form or in a parenthetical next to the expiration date.
The final subscription price per share for the shares offered in the company's rights offering is USD12.5658 per share, which is the volume weighted average price of its common stock as calculated for the five-trading day period through and including the expiration date.
Uploading a photo of her and Bimby before going to bed, the Queen of All Media advised parents to check the expiration date on all the medicines that families use.
The 'A'/'F1' rating is based solely on the support of the LOC provided by Bank of the West, which has an initial expiration date of Dec.
PMM has accepted for payment, at a price equal to 89.75% of the liquidation preference of USD 100,000 per share (or USD 89,750.00 per share), plus any unpaid dividends accrued through the expiration date of the issuer tender offers, 5 Series A ARPS.
License number: CANNOC*8420T Expiration date: Sept.
I don't think I want to be around when science gets so good that everything will carry its own expiration date - including human beings.
Eight states, including California, have enacted laws that prohibit any expiration dates. One state, Montana, simply disregards any expiration date imposed on the cards.