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At these words there appeared in Noirtier's eye an expression of such deep meaning that the young girl thought she could read these words there: "You are mistaken; I can still do much for you."
The invalid's eye remained fixed, by which expression he intended to intimate that his resolution was unalterable.
Maria made no reply, but turned her eyes on Delafield, with an affected expression of melancholy that excited another laugh in her friend.
"By the smile that has just marred the expression of your countenance, Be candid, and tell me what your thought was -- no secrets between friends."
Prince Vasili said no more and his cheeks began to twitch nervously, now on one side, now on the other, giving his face an unpleasant expression which was never to be seen on it in a drawing room.
The princess continued to look at him without moving, and with the same dull expression.
What is the author's attitude toward Nature--(1) does he view Nature in a purely objective way, as a mass of material things, a series of material phenomena or a mere embodiment of sensuous beauty; or (2) is there symbolism or mysticism in his attitude, that is--does he view Nature with awe as a spiritual power; or (3) is he thoroughly subjective, reading his own moods into Nature or using Nature chiefly for the expression of his moods?
Poetry, generally speaking, is the expression of the deeper nature; it belongs peculiarly to the realm of the spirit.
But his whole face suddenly bore the solemn rigidity of the dead, and his expression did not change during the whole time of the drive home.
Her voice, of immense power and sublime expression, gave to the rude, unpolished poetry of these psalms a magic and an effect which the most exalted Puritans rarely found in the songs of their brethren, and which they were forced to ornament with all the resources of their imagination.
He chooses to depict people from humble life, because, being nearer to nature than others, they are on the whole more impassioned, certainly [102] more direct in their expression of passion, than other men; it is for this direct expression of passion that he values their humble words.
The irrepressible landlady gave the freest expression to her feelings.