extended family

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extended family

the unit formed both by family members who are in the nuclear family and those who are not, but are still considered to be close relatives. While the nuclear family is composed of a couple and their children, the family group is ‘extended’ when the grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, or any selection of these, are included.

Extended families living together as a unit in one location occur more often in preindustrial societies, rather than in industrial societies where the nuclear family is sometimes seen as more compatible with the needs of modern economies. Sec also FAMILY, SOCIOLOGY OF THE FAMILY.

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Most people see nothing wrong in allowing extended family influence their matrimonial homes when there is crisis.
Further, each Extended family belongs to a specific Clan in the community.
He would look forward to spending time with my extended family, and he got so excited when they came over to visit.
In a process that made pulling teeth seem a painless alternative, the local authority were eventually made to accept that placement of Jada in her extended family was the best option.
* the family and extended family members of any person, living or deceased, eligible for membership in DAV;
Every year the company conducts many Employee Engagement initiatives such as Annual Day celebrations, participation in sports activities in the city, creative workshops etc; for associates and the extended family to enable them to creatively collaborate amongst their peer group while at work and beyond.
More than four out of 10 thought that going on holiday with friends and extended family improved their relationships.
It said his extended family owns an empty villa at the South China Sea in Hong Kong, with an estimated value of 31.5 million dollars, and at least six other Hong Kong properties that have a combined estimated value of 24.1million dollars.
The accused was also sentenced to six months' jail for threatening to send his henchmen to kill the student's father when he returned to his home country, and also all his extended family members who lived there.
Extended Family, a small charity that assists single parent families in financial need, felt Brian Yablon and his family deserved much more than just clothes and shoes for his children.
Gunmen burst into the home of the professor and killed six members of his extended family, security sources said.
Young Neel learns about his extended family's roots when he asks his great-uncle Chachaji why he will drink tea only from his own mother's old cup.

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