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1. a gait of a horse or other quadruped, faster than a walk, in which diagonally opposite legs come down together
2. (in harness racing) a race for horses that have been trained to trot fast
3. Angling
a. one of the short lines attached to a trotline
b. the trotline


Informal a follower of Trotsky; Trotskyist
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"For a judge to be able to award a 10 for such a range of movements from piaffe to extended trot endorses the calibre of the talent that we had in front of us.
Part of the Bracco's endurance could be due to their gait--they often hunt at what's called an extended trot, rather than a lope or run.
A dressage horse who is able to maximise that extended trot will gain more points, the list goes on but you get what I mean.

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