extension A

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extension A

File extensions that begin with A.

Ext.  Type of file

 AA    Audible audiobook
 AAX   Audible high quality

 ABC   This program's master index
 ABK   CorelDRAW auto backup
 ABR   Photoshop brushes

 ACCDB Access database
 ACL   CorelDRAW keyboard accelerator
 ACT   FoxPro Action diagram
 ACT   Photoshop color table

 AD    After Dark image
 ADM   After Dark MultiModule
 ADR   After Dark Randomizer

 AFM   Adobe font metrics (Type 1)

 AG4   Access G4 document imaging

 AI    Adobe Illustrator graphics
 AI    Encapsulated PostScript header
 AIF   Digital audio (Mac)
 AIFC  Digital audio (Mac)

 ALB   JASC Image Commander

 AMR   AMR Narrow-Band content

 ANI   Animated cursor
 ANN   Windows help annotations
 ANS   ANSI text

 APE   Monkey's Audio music file
 APK   Android application package
 APP   Mac application package
 APP   Various applications

 ARC   ARC, ARC+ compressed archive
 ARJ   Compressed archive (Jung)
 ART   Xara Studio drawing
 ART   AOL compressed bitmap

 ASA   ASP info
 ASC   ASCII file
 ASD   Word temporary document
 ASF   Windows streaming media
 ASM   Assembly source code
 ASP   Active Server Page
 ASV   Windows Media border
 ASX   Windows Media playlist

 ATT   AT&T Group IV fax

 AU    Digital audio (Sun)

 AVI   Microsoft movie format

 AWB   AMR Wide-Band content

 AXD   Actrix drawing

 AZW   Amazon Kindle e-book format
 AZW3  Amazon Kindle e-book format
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