extension I

extension I

File extensions that begin with I.

Ext.  Type of file

 ICA   IBM MO:DCA - IOCA bitmap
 ICB   TARGA bitmap
 ICC   ICC color profile
 ICO   Windows icon
 ICS   Calendar

 IDC   Internet Database Connector
 IDD   MIDI instrument definition
 IDE   Development environment config.
 IDX   FoxBase index

 IFO   DVD content description (info)
 IFF   Amiga bitmap

 IGF   Inset Systems (Hijaak)
         raster & vector graphics
 IGS   2D/3D vector image (IGES)

 IL    Icon library (hDC Computer)

 IMG   ISO 9660 CD-ROM image
 IMG   Mac image
 IMG   GEM Paint bitmap

 INF   Setup information
 INI   Initialization

 IPA   iPhone app

 ISC   Invisible Secrets encrypted
 ISO   ISO 9660
 ITL   iTunes Library
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