extension M

extension M

File extensions that begin with M.

Ext.  Type of file

 M     Objective C implementation

 M1V   MPEG movie
 M3D   Corel Motion 3D
 M3U   Playlist
 M4A   AAC - MPEG-4 audio
 M4B   AAC - MPEG-4 audiobook (protected)
 M4P   AAC - MPEG-4 audio (protected)
 M4V   iTunes Store videos

 MAC   MacPaint bitmap
 MAK   Visual Basic/MS C++ project
 MAP   Link editor map

 MB1   Apogee Monster Bash
 MBX   Mailbox (email)

 MCS   MathCAD format
 MCW   Word for Mac document

 MDB   Access database

 MEL   Maya script
 MET   OS/2 Metafile
 MEU   Menu items

 MGX   Micrografx clip art

 MDX   dBASE IV multi-index

 MID   MIDI sound
 MID   Eudora script
 MIL   Same as GP4
 MIX   PhotoDraw

 MKA   Matroska audio
 MKS   Matroska subtitles
 MKV   Matroska video

 MME   MIME-encoded
 MMF   Microsoft mail
 MMM   Macromind animation format

 MOBI  Mobipocket e-book format
 MOD   Eudora script
 MOV   QuickTime movie

 MP3   MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio
 MP4   MPEG-4 file
 MPO   3D images (JPEG)
 MPP   Microsoft Project

 MRK   Informative Graphics markup
 MRW   Minolta RAW

 MSC   MS Management Console snap-in
 MSCZ  MuseScore music format
 MSG   Message
 MSI   Microsoft installer
 MSO   (oledata.mso) Rendering info for
        Word documents attached in email
 MSP   Microsoft Paint bitmap
 MSP   Microsoft installer patch file

 MUS   Music
 MUSICXML  Music XML format

 MVB   Microsoft Multimedia Viewer

 MXF   Material Exchange Format (Pro-MPEG)
 MXF   Home Theater Master remote control
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