extension O

extension O

File extensions that begin with O.

Ext.  Type of file

 O     Unix machine language

 OAZ   OAZ Fax

 OBD   Microsoft Office binder
 OBJ   Machine language
 OBJ   Wavefront 3D
 OBZ   Microsoft Office wizard

 OCX   ActiveX control (OLE control)

 ODF   OpenDocument formulas
 ODG   OpenDocument graphics
 ODP   OpenDocument presentations
 ODS   OpenDocument spreadsheet
 ODT   OpenDocument text

 OEB   Open eBook publication

 OGA   Ogg audio
 OGG   Ogg Vorbis audio
 OGM   Ogg video (early)
 OGV   Ogg video
 OGX   Ogg mixed

 OLB   OLE object library
 OLE   OLE object

 ONE   OneNote file

 OPF   EPUB meta-data
 OPS   EPUB publication
 ORG   Organizer

 OSP   OpenShot Project
 OST   Outlook cached data

 OTF   OpenType font
 OTT   Apache OpenOffice template

 OVD   ObjectVision application
 OVL   Overlay module
 OVR   Overlay module

 OUT   CDE accumulated definitions

 OZM   Sharp Organizer memo bank
 OZP   Sharp Organizer telephone bank
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