extension S

extension S

File extensions that begin with S.

Ext.  Type of file

 SAM   Ami Pro document
 SAM   Sample (text)
 SAT   ACIS 3D model
 SAV   Saved

 SBF   SoundFont 1.0
 SBP   IBM Storyboard graphics
 SBP   Superbase text

 SC    Paradox source code
 SC?   ColoRIX raster (?=res.)
 SC2   Microsoft Schedule+ 7
 SCD   Microsoft Schedule+ 7
 SCH   Microsoft Schedule+ 1
 SCM   ScreenCam movie
 SCP   Dial-up Networking script
 SCR   Windows screen saver
 SCR   Generic script
 SCR   Fax image
 SCR   dBASE screen layout
 SCT   Lotus Manuscript text capture
 SCT   Scitex bitmap

 SDL   SmartDraw library
 SDR   SmartDraw vector graphics
 SDT   SmartDraw template

 SEA   Mac self-extracting archive
 SED   iExpress directive
 SET   Setup parameters

 SF2   SoundFont 2.0
 SFP   LaserJet portrait font
 SFL   LaserJet landscape font
 SFS   PCL 5 scalable font

 SGI   SGI bitmap

 SH    Unix shell script
 SHB   Corel Show
 SHG   Segmented HyperGraphic (imagemap
       for Windows help)
 SHS   OLE2 package
 SHTML HTML page w/ server side functions
 SHW   Corel Show

 SIS   Symbian OS executable file
 SIT   Stuffit archive
 SITX  Stuffit X archive

 SKR   PGP secret key (secret keyring)

 SLD   AutoCAD slide
 SLK   SYLK format (spreadsheets)

 SMI   SMIL multimedia

 SNAG  Snagit capture (editable)
 SND   Digital audio

 SPC   Software publisher certificate
 SPD   Speedo scalable font
 SPL   Shockwave Flash object

 SRF   Sony RAW photo format
 SRT   movie subtitles (SubRip, WebSRT)

 STL   Stereo lithography
 STN   Mediabin Sting format
 STY   Ventura Pub. style sheet

 SUN   Sun bitmap

 SVG   Scalable vector graphics (Web)
 SVX   Amiga sound

 SWF   Shockwave

 SY3   Harvard Graphics symbol
 SYL   SYLK format (spreadsheets)
 SYS   DOS, OS/2 driver
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