extension X-Y-Z

extension X-Y-Z

File extensions that begin with X, Y or Z.

Ext.  Type of file

 XAR   Xara drawing

 XBM   X Window bitmap

 XFX   JetFax

 XIB   OS X/iOS XML Interface Builder

 XLA   Excel add-in
 XLAM  Excel add-in (Open XML)
 XLB   Excel toolbar
 XLC   Excel chart
 XLD   Excel dialogue
 XLK   Excel backup
 XLM   Excel macro
 XLS   Excel spreadsheet
 XLSB  Excel fast binary format
 XLSM  OpenXML Excel macro
 XLSX  OpenXML Excel spreadsheet
 XLT   Excel template
 XLTM  OpenXML Excel template & macro
 XLTX  OpenXML Excel template
 XLW   Excel project

 XML   XML file

 XPI   Cross platform Firefox extension
 XPM   X Window pixelmap

 XSD   W3C XML Schema
 XSL   XML Style sheet

 XWD   X Window dump

 XY?   XyWrite document (?=version)
 XYW   XyWrite for Windows document

 Z     gzip archive

 ZBD   Canon image backup

 ZIP   PKZIP compressed

 ZMDOWNLOAD  Zoom download (in process)

 ZOO   Zoo compressed

 $$$   Temporary
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