exterior chimney

exterior chimney, external chimney

A chimney located outside, and usually attached to, an exterior wall of a house at the gable end, gambrel end, or mansard end.
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Tenders are invited for rebuild the exterior chimney from the roof up with all new bricks, matching the existing bricks asmuch as possible, replacement of any damaged flue tiles, form and pour a new 4 concrete cap, reinstall and seal flashing, grind out and tuck point all cracked and deteriorated mortar joints below roof line, tuck point all interiorcracked mortar joints, remove and replace rotted roof decking, repair/replace damaged roofing materials in-kind (not a full roof replacement) and related items at the trailhead building
Some features, like the fireplace and the exterior chimney and entryway, were made for purely aesthetic reasons.
If you have an exterior chimney with an ash dump that opens to the outside through a small metal door, you can have an outside air kit installed for around $100.