external checks


Checks or inspection of an aircraft exterior carried by the pilot before flight. These are normally carried out in a clock-wise direction commencing from the port-wing root. Also called external checks.
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Such a suspicion made one pause --for out there there were no external checks. Once when various tropical diseases had laid low almost every'agent' in the station, he was heard to say, 'Men who come out here should have no entrails.' He sealed the utterance with that smile of his, as though it had been a door opening into a darkness he had in his keeping.
External checks are performed at Filab Suriname Laboratory ("Filab"), which is an ALS Limited representative in Suriname.
External checks through stories in the country's news media and petitions in court are fast becoming a norm.
England has strong and totally independent two external checks on its police.
This first section also includes studies of attempts by rich countries to exert external checks on corruption, in one case through the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and in another through Norway's zero-tolerance policy towards corruption in governing investments abroad.
Apart from temperature control, doing external checks to ensure that there are no broken eggs that may cause contamination is also necessary.
Trust maintenance, therefore, requires both quality assurance and quality control, it needs internal and external checks, and demands continuous investment.
'The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has defined police accountability as a 'system of internal and external checks and balances aimed at ensuring that police carry out their duties properly and are held responsible if they fail to do so.'
This sort of accountability involves an effective system of internal and external checks aimed at ensuring that police perform their functions properly, fairly and within the bounds of law.
These can be divided into external checks and internal checks.
Contract notice: External checks prior to the reception of reinforcement works and the creation of sewerage networks in different municipalities.

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