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external drive

An external drive is a stand-alone hard drive, solid state drive (SSD) or optical disc drive that plugs into the computer via USB or external SATA (see USB and eSATA). External drives are designed for stationary use as well as portability (see portable hard drive).

External Drives Used to Be SCSI
In the 1990s, an external drive was often a SCSI disk or tape, because the SCSI interface offered more peripheral expandability at that time (see SCSI). Contrast with internal drive.

External Desktop Drive
With up to 2TB of storage, this LaCie desktop drive plugs into the USB port. Although it can be easily unplugged and moved, at 2.5 pounds, drives such as these are designed for stationary use. (Image courtesy of LaCie USA, www.lacie.com)
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Information infrastructure giant EMC Corporation continued to lead the external disk storage systems market with 27.3% revenue share in the first quarter.
EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, was the top provider of external disk storage systems again in 2008, according to the latest IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker, March 2009.
At Jamestown, Camp complains that because thin clients lack any sort of external disk drives, when students need to access and save large data files, they still have to trek to the library to use PCs so they can use floppy or Zip drives (see "A Storage Option," page 27).
The smaller market for external disk storage systems saw a 3% fall in revenue year-on-year, IDC said.
You can plug in a USB mouse, card reader, external disk drive, and one of Kensington's Pocket Numerical Keypads and use all four without loss of power or switching from device to device.
In the unlikely event of machine failure, Digica will boot up the standby machine from the external disk and put Whitworth's back on-line in approximately two hours.
JNI now has formal agreements with the six largest suppliers of external disk storage systems: EMC, Compaq, IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP and Hitachi Data Systems, accounting for 74.3 percent of US external disk storage systems revenues in 1999, according to IDC.
Common data backup and storage methods include backing up data to the server hard drive, and backing up to external devices such as DAT tape drives, external disk drives, read-writeable CDs, and ZIP cartridges.
As your CD/DVD library grows, you can simply add an internal or external disk expansion module and increase your CD/DVD capacity while maintaining centralized management.
When you do "phone home" between Monday and Friday, the device can be rigged to turn on your external disk drives, wait a few seconds, and then turn on your main computer You can have one Monday-to-Friday event and a different Saturday-to-Sunday event.
The standard features of the SPARCclassic include 16 MB of memory, expandable to 96 MB; a 207 MB internal hard disk, expandable to 1.0 GB; two SBus slots for add-on boards; and support for up to 21 GB of external disk, audio, and graphics.

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