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see extraterritorialityextraterritoriality
or exterritoriality,
privilege of immunity from local law enforcement enjoyed by certain aliens. Although physically present upon the territory of a foreign nation, those aliens possessing extraterritoriality are considered by customary
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The Latvian exterritorial mobilization system was complicated and demanded excessive railway transportation.
The Palazzo Malta and the Villa Malta in Rome are regarded as exterritorial property by the Italian Government.
Although scholars have debated whether the principle accepted in the Lotus case is distinguishable from the Alcoa principle on the ground that the former rested exterritorial jurisdiction on physical effects whereas the latter rests it on economic effects,(29) the acceptance of the economic effects test by the European Union means that the world's two largest economies accept that test.
Elements of unfair competition such as disregarding universal rules of international trade and the norms of the WTO (World Trade Organization), as well as unilateral restrictions and the exterritorial use of domestic legislation are being incrementally used," Lavrov said in an interview with magazine Russian Business Guide.
The IMA's plea was rejected on the ground that the "Economic Plan" was exterritorial to the no-strike arbitration agreement.
The Canadian House of Commons introduced changes to the Corruption of Public Officials Act which extended the exterritorial reach of the statute.
Also in the Act, Congress has provided expressly for the exterritorial application of certain other unrelated statutes, tailoring these so as to cope with problems of sovereignty and the like -- again demonstrating Congress's ability to provide for foreign application when it wished."
org.) to clarify the definition of "material support," the knowledge element of the crime, its exterritorial reach, and to add certain crimes to predicate offense list in 18 U.S.C.
"If Washington once again tries to make these restrictions exterritorial, it will significantly affect the situation in the region and relations between the United States and Europe, as well as between the United States and Russia.