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1. Films an actor or person temporarily engaged, usually for crowd scenes
2. Cricket a run not scored from the bat, such as a wide, no-ball, bye, or leg bye



an actor performing roles without words (or consisting of a few words), often taking part in mass scenes.


Performed work or a desired item of construction which is beyond the intent of the drawings and specifications contained in a construction contract; an item of work, 1 involving additional cost. Also see addition, 3.


Object-oriented, Pascal style, handles sets. "A Data Model and Query Language for EXODUS", M.J. Carey et al, SIGMOD 88 Conf Proc, pp.413- 423, ACM SIGMOD Record 17:3 (Sept 1988).
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They always seek some extra benefit, something better that helps them makes their families lives better.
The difference between an extra and an actor is that the extra's role is a silent one - no talking or singing.
95 EXTRA CALORIES 127 EXTRA COST 70p This is a 27% price increase but a massive 74% more calories 74% 27% more cals more cost MCDONALD'S | SMALL FRIES 237 calories, 89p | LARGE FRIES 444 calories PS1.
Urgent Care Extra created their clinics after seeing a need for an alternative to traditional healthcare services for patients requiring prompt care.
Yes, there are advantages of extra classes at schools because every classroom has one or more students who need "extra attention.
These findings suggest that offering extra credit to improve a student's grade is unlikely have any bearing on a student's professional success, so why bother?
Sobeys extra is intended to offer consumers an enhanced Sobeys shopping experience with extra departments, extra products, extra experts and services and extra savings.
The laboratory staff at a large hospital system in the Midwest noticed that their process for managing a high volume of extra blood tubes draw from patients during ED visits, without physician orders, was bogging down the specimen reception department.
That is, the lower a student's ongoing semester grade is, the less likely it seems that student is to take advantage of an opportunity to earn extra points toward his or her final class grade.
It's proposed that an additional 360 places should be created as part of the two-year programme, with an extra 210 primary school places provided for 2011 and an extra 150 places provided for 2012.
With more than $69 million in Extra Bucks being given to cardholders this month, we are reminding all of our customers not to toss out their receipts without first checking the bottom, or they might be throwing away free money.