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The extratropical storm originating in the Mediterranean region that brings sudden winter rain to the north-western parts of the Indian sub-continent is called Western Disturbance.
two Typhoons (Soulik and Cimaron) combine & transition to become a post-tropical extratropical storm over the North Pacific over the next 5-days.
Which hurricane was downgraded by meteorologists to an extratropical storm before causing destruction and damage in Ireland in October?
After all, Storm Aileen is catchier than an 'extratropical storm with sustained winds between 34-48 knots'.
A western disturbance is an extratropical storm which originates in the Mediterranean and brings sudden winter rain and snow to the northwestern parts of the Indian subcontinent, also affecting the weather in other countries, like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.
The regions which are most frequently and seriously affected by the extratropical storm surge in China are the Laizhou Bay, Bohai Bay, and Haizhou Bay.
Changes in extratropical storm tracks and cyclone activity as derived from two global reanalyses and the Canadian CGCM2 projections of future climate.
Changes globally in tropical and extratropical storm intensity and frequency are dominated by interdecadal to multi-decadal variations, with no significant trends evident over the 20th century."
Black contours show the ERA-Interim 37-yr climatological mean, (d) Best-track data [from the NHC "best track" hurricane database (HURDAT2)] from six TCs (red sections classified as hurricane, orange as TS, and blue as extratropical storm), and cyclone tracks during the NAWDEX period (light green lines) and before and after the campaign period (dark green lines).
2) Obtain high-horizontal-resolution and high-vertical-resolution observational data required to estimate tropical convective heating and divergent flow and effects on the subtropical jet and extratropical storm activity.
The tendency towards higher pressure over southern Australia is well-documented and is related to a poleward movement in the extratropical storm track during austral winter that is predominantly due to greenhouse gas emissions (e.g., Arblaster and Meehl 2006; Delworth and Zeng 2014), although it may, in part, also be related to stratospheric ozone depletion.
Jet streak dynamics play a crucial role in extratropical storm development (e.g., Uccellini 1990) and may have a similar role in TC intensity change.