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The eruption of lava from a vent in the earth.
The pouring out or eruption of a body fluid from its proper channel or vessel into the surrounding tissue.
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the accumulation of blood that has flowed out of the blood vessels into the body cavities or surrounding tissues.

Extravasation may occur when the walls of the vessels are destroyed by a mechanical injury or a pathological process (for example, tumor). It may also occur through an uninjured wall, when the permeability of the wall is increased (for example, under the influence of certain chemical substances). The discharged blood may either permeate the tissues affected by the extravasation or form a circumscribed accumulation, called a hematoma. The significance of extravasation is determined by dimensions, rapidity of development, and site of formation. When the process is minor it is resorbed without treatment. If encapsulated or suppurative, it often requires special treatment. Because extravasation may lead to the destruction of tissue, it is especially dangerous in the brain (insult).

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In both interstitial and necrotizing pancreatitis fluid commonly extravasates from the pancreas and collects in the space surrounding it.
Breakthroughs in glioma imaging and therapy exploit the fact that NPs, containing either SPIO (for MRI) or drugs (for therapy), can extravasate through the leaky microvasculature.
The circulating tumour cells become arrested in the capillaries at the secondary site and must extravasate from the vessel to initiate the colonisation.
Lessons learned from 118,970 multidetector computed tomographic intravenous contrast material administrations: impact of catheter dwell time and gauge, catheter location, rate of contrast material administration, and patient age and sex on volume of extravasate. Journal Computer Assist Tomography, 37(2), 286-8.
Analgesics and antibiotics are the major role of conservative management and most of the extravasate urine would be spontaneously absorbed without any invasive procedures.
(16) Interestingly, the investigators had four patients for whom fluid did not extravasate from the arthrotomy (false negative rate = 7%; 4/60); however, these patients were excluded from the study analysis.
Metastasis is a sequential process in which tumor cells detach from the primary growth, invade through the surrounding host tissue into the circulation and subsequently disseminate to distant organs, where they arrest, extravasate and proliferate to form metastatic foci (Poste and Fidler 1980).
Once macromolecules extravasate from the circulation or blood vessels into the tumor interstitium, they remain in the tumor for a long time without being cleared.