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The eruption of lava from a vent in the earth.
The pouring out or eruption of a body fluid from its proper channel or vessel into the surrounding tissue.



the accumulation of blood that has flowed out of the blood vessels into the body cavities or surrounding tissues.

Extravasation may occur when the walls of the vessels are destroyed by a mechanical injury or a pathological process (for example, tumor). It may also occur through an uninjured wall, when the permeability of the wall is increased (for example, under the influence of certain chemical substances). The discharged blood may either permeate the tissues affected by the extravasation or form a circumscribed accumulation, called a hematoma. The significance of extravasation is determined by dimensions, rapidity of development, and site of formation. When the process is minor it is resorbed without treatment. If encapsulated or suppurative, it often requires special treatment. Because extravasation may lead to the destruction of tissue, it is especially dangerous in the brain (insult).

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When power injection of contrast during a Computer Tomography (CT) scan goes wrong, extravasation of contrast media occurs.
ivWatch said that the Model 400 is a first-of-its-kind continuous monitoring device that will improve patient care by quickly detecting common adverse events: IV infiltration and extravasation.
Complete cessation of active extravasation after the embolization procedure was defined as technical success.
Skin necrosis from extravasation of intravenous fluid in children.
Both the IRiSCT and EmpowerMR systems track extravasations with the Extravasation Detection Accessory (EDA).
All instances of contrast reactions or extravasations and the subsequent treatment administered must be documented.
Totect is a treatment for chemotherapy induced extravasations.
E[acute accent]The Empower injector line includes EmpowerCTA -- the only double-barrel CT injector on the market to include both saline chase capability and E-Z-EM's patented extravasation detection technology, an accessory designed to aid the detection of contrast extravasations.
Due to the engineered radiopacity of Cortoss, extravasations were easily detected intra-operatively and averaged 0.
AMEX:EZM) today announced the launch of its new EmpowerCTA(R) double-barrel CT injector--the only double-barrel injector to offer both the ability to inject a saline chase following a contrast bolus and aid in the detection of extravasations.
The EmpowerCT is the only CT injector on the market to include an EDA patch that is designed to aid the detection of contrast extravasations.