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eye bank,

site for the collection, processing, and assignment of donated eyeseye,
organ of vision and light perception. In humans the eye is of the camera type, with an iris diaphragm and variable focusing, or accommodation. Other types of eye are the simple eye, found in many invertebrates, and the compound eye, found in insects and many other
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. A donor's eyes are removed as soon as possible after death, sealed in a sterile container, and sent to the eye bank. There they are microscopically examined for corneal damage and then shipped to surgeons who have requested them. The intact eyes, if kept at a temperature of 4°C;, may be preserved up to 48 hours. Subsequently, the corneas (the clear coverings of the eye) can be removed, preserved in glycerin, and stored at room temperature for six to eight months. Corneal transplants may restore vision to persons whose own corneas have become scarred through illness or injury. If free of bacteria, the vitreous humor, the fluid filling at the back of the eye, can be refrigerated and kept up to six months; it is used in the treatment of detached retina. The first eye bank in the United States, Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration, Inc., was founded in New York City in 1945.
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"There are more than 760 institutional members registered with the Eye Bank Association of India.
With this selfless act, Kobe was dubbed by Eye Bank Foundation Philippines as a hero and extended its utmost gratitude to the family.
The purpose of this study was to assess the correlation between preoperative thickeness of the lamellae measured in the eye bank and final postoperative thickness of the lamellae.
"Our eye banks are currently well below the level we'd like to see and we understand that people often view the eyes with more emotion and see them as symbolic than other parts of the body.
"We will create awareness to motivate people for eye donation as currently there are no donations from the country due to lack of awareness, cultural constraints, and absence of storage facilities leaving us dependent on the other countries, adding that we are receiving free of cost cornea from the USA but the transportation cost is 600 dollars per cornea while we are conducting eighty corneal transplants per month, the highest number in Pakistan, which will be increased after the eye bank becomes operational in six months."
The Eye Bank was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner/Chairman Lyallpur Eye Trust Slaman Ghani on Wednesday.
Time measurements before and after introduction of the new system were recorded for three different steps: initial documentation on arrival of the donor tissue at the eye bank, documentation of nutritional liquid change of the graft and documentation for final clearance.
At the same time, almost two-thirds of donated corneas are allocated to the private sector at all three of the major eye banks in the country, when the greatest need is in the public sector, mainly because of a distribution system heavily skewed in favour of the private sector and because the private sector can contribute to the costs of the eye banks--which are not-for-profit organisations.
"We receive some 300 to 400 eyes annually from Sri Lanka International Eye Bank, Colombo, for which we are much indebted to them, but our annual requirement is in thousands," said the society.
"This surgery transplants the affected front area of the cornea with a healthy layer imported from an eye bank in the United States."
The standards followed by the eye bank and the quality of the tissue obtained is of paramount importance in reducing the incidence of endophthalmitis caused by contaminated donor tissue.
US-based eye bank Miracles In Sight has acquired the eye-banking programme of US-based organ procurement organisation LifePoint in South Carolina, the company said.