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(fəsäd`), exterior face or wall of a building. The term implies ordered placement of its openings and other features and thus seems inapplicable to a wall without design. Any freestanding structure may have four or more facades, designated by their orientation (e.g., north facade); a building flanked by other buildings on either side generally has only a front and a rear facade. In medieval churches the chief facade is that of the building's west end, which contains the principal entrance portals.
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The main exterior face of a building, particularly one of its main sides, almost always containing an entrance and characterized by an elaboration of stylistic details.
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The front of a building or a face of a building, given special architectural treatment.
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The exterior face of a building which is the architectural front, sometimes distinguished from the other faces by elaboration of architectural or ornamental details.
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The factors that are playing a major role in the growth of facade market are a high investment in R&D of the construction and architecture industries, developing eco-friendly bioclimatic facades, rapid urbanization, and increasing number of renovation projects.
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Thirty-five years ago CAD revolutionised the way we designed aluminium facades. Here was a system that could easily calculate complex structures, angles and profile lengths making cutting, machining and assembly more cost effective.
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The first one will be on the digital impact on modern facade design and construction by panelists John Kim, design director, AE7; Richard Fenne, principal and studio chair, Woods Bagot; David Daniels, director of architecture, SSH; Armin Buchbinder, head of design, BSBG; and Benjamin Beer, technical director, Meinhardt Facade Technology.
The Facade Safety Inspection Program was created under Local Law 11 in 1998 and requires owners of buildings taller than six stories to hire a construction professional to do a hands-on facade safety inspection every five years, and file a report detailing the conditions with the Department.
Berlin-headquartered multinational Priedemann is another major provider of facade products and expertise in the region.
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On the facades of the latest buildings, a different concept was used to create abstract frescos.
Facade as the "face" of a building is essentially deprived of the capacity of a truthful unveiling of the inside.
"But if you are going to complete buildings with sustainable performances, you need to understand and appreciate the environmental performances of a building's facade in advance, before you design, construct and erect and thereafter go through a series of verification exercises which check the "as built" performance.