face recognition

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face recognition

The ability to recognize people by their facial characteristics. The most advanced technology is based on the Eigenface algorithm, which maps the characteristics of a person's face into a multidimensional face space. Computers can conduct facial database searches and/or perform live, one-to-one or one-to-many verifications with unprecedented accuracy and split-second processing. Users can be granted secure access to their computer, mobile devices, or for online e-commerce, simply by looking into their Web camera.

The computer can distinguish the same person with different appearances; for example, with or without glasses, change of hair style and seasonal skin color changes. Neural networks were used for earlier face recognition systems, but with Eigenface, the computer cannot be easily fooled by photographs or by someone else with a similar appearance. See information security and biometrics.

Face Biometrics
A face is digitized and matched against the face database to determine if the person is authorized to enter a facility or use a system. (Image courtesy of Miros, Inc.)

Face Surveillance
Cognitec's FaceVACS-VideoScan software tracks multiple faces simultaneously as they walk by. The system provides essential statistics such as people flow, visitor demographics and behavior. It even determines each person's approximate age.
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Starting today, people who newly join Facebook or who previously had the tag suggestions setting will have the face recognition setting and will receive information about how it works.
People who had the tag suggestions setting turned off will see a notice about face recognition and a button to turn it on or keep it off.
"People will still be able to manually tag friends, but we won't suggest you to be tagged if you do not have face recognition turned on," Narayanan said.
In recent years, local feature based approaches are gaining popularity in face recognition [14].
Exit gate equipped with the world's No.1 face recognition technology
In [20], a supervision signal center loss-based face recognition algorithm has been proposed to train deep model.
Basically, the face recognition system works in three stages which are: preprocessing (detection), feature extraction and classification (extraction) (Fernandes & Bala, 2017), and the choice of approach to each of these stages i.e.
"The face recognition process is speedy and accurate," the website said.
Security Feature: In the proposed system, security feature was achieved by firstly using the face recognition. After authentication by face recognition the user was directed to the second phase of system.
Dubai police revealed a smart glasses called 'Rased' with face recognition technology to spot suspects and wanted people.
New Delhi: UIDAI delayed the introduction of face recognition facility for authentication by one month to August 1 in order to get enough time to prepare for a smooth rollout.
Axon, the maker of Taser electroshock weapons and the wearable body cameras now used by most major American city police departments, has voiced interest in pursuing face recognition for its body-worn cameras.