face side

work face, face side, working face

In carpentry, the first surface to be planed smooth; the surface from which the others are measured or trued.
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Multicolor systems enable the production of concrete pavers and block with varied colors on the face side. While practice has proven that three different colors will allow for a block with natural appearance, achieving and consistently replicating the precise target composition can be challenging.
Patented recently is a disposable absorbent article structured such that an article body is composed of at least a top sheet arrange in a front face side, a back sheet arranged in a back face side and an absorber interposed between both of top sheet and back sheet, and a feces pocket is provided in a hip contact portion of the article body, where in an opening portion of the feces pocket is covered with a mesh sheet.
Tubular luminaires consist of tube shaped housing and are sealed off at the face side of the housing with releasable, detachable covers.
Bind three coins together, face side up, with red ribbon or thread.
The interlabial pad comprises: an absorbent body absorbing liquids; and a cover body covering the absorbent body in an enclosing manner and comprising a liquid permeable surface side sheet and a liquid impermeable back face side sheet.
Coming up with the most bizarre ideas such as growing an extra head and observing that "it only ever rains when someone leaves a spoon face side up in the sink", Norman hit the right note throughout.
A side edge portion is formed by laminating the surface side sheet and the back face side sheet that cover the absorbent body.
We face side that is below us and a win would push us further clear of the bottom three sides
However, Low, above, knows his team will not face sides on the same level as the Faroes next season, which is why he says they must improve on their shots-to-goal ratio if they are to be one of the leading protagonists next summer.