facial recognition

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facial recognition

Detecting people by matching a captured image of their face with a database of faces. Facial recognition is used to detect criminals in democratic societies and political dissidents in autocratic countries. It is also used to grant secure access to a computer, mobile device or e-commerce website simply by looking into the camera.

Various technologies map the characteristics of a person's face into a multidimensional face space. Computers can conduct facial database searches and perform real-time verifications with unprecedented accuracy and split-second processing.

Even With a Change of Appearance
A facial recognition system can distinguish the same person with or without glasses, change of hair style and seasonal change of skin color. State-of-the-art systems cannot be easily fooled by photographs or by someone else who looks similar. See iris recognition, emotion detection, information security and biometrics.

Facial Biometrics
A face is digitized and matched against the face database to determine if the person is authorized to enter a facility or use a system. (Image courtesy of Miros, Inc.)

Facial Surveillance
Cognitec's FaceVACS-VideoScan software tracks multiple faces simultaneously as they walk by. The system provides essential statistics such as people flow, visitor demographics and behavior. It even determines each person's approximate age.
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In the wake of those criticisms, Microsoft has actually called on Congress to regulate the use of facial recognition technology.
by recent false allegations that Microsoft facial recognition technology was
Gemalto's 2017 eBanking Trends research found that 68 percent of banks plan to implement facial recognition over the next five years.
Last month, reports surfaced that China was using facial recognition to geo-fence residents of the Muslim-dominated Xinjiang region of the country, a move that has attracted criticism from a number of human rights groups.
Extending that functionality to facial recognition technology is part of our ongoing commitment to provide a better and up-to-the-minute banking experience to our customers through easy and secure features," said D Anand, QIB's general manager, Personal Banking Group.
Wasim associated with the Department of Computer Science at Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) commenting on the development said 'facial recognition systems are considered to be the most significant application of image analysis in this day and age.
Of these, 16,644,143 had been enrolled in the facial image recognition gallery and are searchable using automated facial recognition software." But there are warnings that the technology is untested and the privacy implications are unclear.
It can then analyze people's thoughts and mood based on the information collected, according to Zhou Xi, CEO of Cloudwalk company, and the head of the facial recognition project.
NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a technology integrator of advanced IT, networking, communications, and multimodal biometric solutions, announced on Monday, with NEC Corporation, that its NeoFace facial recognition software has been selected and deployed by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).
A House of Commons committee had on Saturday released a report on the problems with facial recognition.
The high-performance WV-ASF900 facial recognition system's video architecture can process 1,000 faces per second for up to 20 cameras at the same time, said a statement at the ongoing Intersec 2014 in Dubai.
By contrast, Kentucky allows just 34 license bureau personnel and state police officers the ability to run facial recognition searches.