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A concurrent extension of ML from ECRC.


["Facile: A Symmetric Integration of Concurrent and Functional Programming", A. Giacalone et al, Intl J Parallel Prog 18(2):121-160, Apr 1989].
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In the present study, G-[Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] was facilely synthesized by in situ chemical coprecipitation and it exhibited a great adsorption ability and good stability in the MSPE of BMZs.
Yang, "Magnetic polymer microsphere stabilized gold nanocolloids as a facilely recoverable catalyst," Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, vol.
In case of establishment livestock species male germ cells line, researchers can facilely create targeted gene editing animals using TALEN or CRISPR/Cas9 technology (Gaj et al., 2013; Chapman et al., 2015).
Thrust suddenly onto the national stage of politics, they mouth catchy messages furnished by handlers, completely oblivious of the complexity of the issues on which they facilely pronounce themselves.
The resulting structures are obtained facilely, through a low-cost and scalable heat-treatment process that requires no expensive solvents, precursors, or work-ups.
which can be facilely solved by = (1/([mu] + [beta])) [[beta]([x.sup.k+1] - [y.sup.k+1]) - [[lambda].sup.k.sub.2]].
The lack of of regional corpora of rock art has led many archaeologists to believe that rock art interpretations are universal theories that can be facilely transposed from one location to another.
The photogenerated electron ([e.sup.-])-hole ([h.sup.+]) pairs could be facilely isolated and transferred to the semiconductor/adsorbate interface efficiently, therefore enhancing the photocatalytic activity.
Abstract A robust micro/nano-structured superhydrophobic surface was facilely prepared by applying composite coating consisting of epoxy resin and silica nanoparticles on glass substrates.
The artist's early-1980s works--straightforward depictions of drugstore purchases, Budweiser beer cans, a plastic My Little Pony figurine, and Robinson's personal friends, the artists Martin Wong and Mike Bidlo and critic Carlo McCormick--feature banal subjects facilely scumbled in acrylic paint and initially registered as an ironic wink to the viewer.
Why, I pondered, was Alice Dewey facilely reduced to "John Dewey's wife," despite her leadership at the Chicago Laboratory School and intellectual partnership with her husband?
She stood by the children of the world, the ones so facilely sacrificed.

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