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A concurrent extension of ML from ECRC.


["Facile: A Symmetric Integration of Concurrent and Functional Programming", A. Giacalone et al, Intl J Parallel Prog 18(2):121-160, Apr 1989].
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There is a certain expansive approach to the topic that in a different author might be interpreted as facileness. Of necessity, given the breadth of its subject, the book moves quickly across an array of theological, philosophical and scientific arguments and conclusions, almost any of which would be suitable for book-length treatment on its own.
For, as was mentioned before, the lines from the poem of Buchanan which formed the basis of the second quatrain also contain an allusion to Persius' first satire, "nec pluteum caedit nec demorsos sapit unguos" ("neither does he beat his desk nor does he nibble at his bitten down nails" 106), in which he lampoons the facileness with which the poets of his era composed.
The real lesson we learnt from Hampson's tale isn't to do with the linguistic ineptitude and facileness of Shearer and Co.
The outline of Kertesz's own story is also an outline of the film; and, though Fateless contains little that will be new to any informed viewer, it fascinates for all of its 140 minutes, never lapsing into the pitfalls of this particular "genre": exploitation, facileness, sentimentality.

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