facing brick

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facing brick, face brick

Brick esp. made or selected to give an attractive appearance when used without rendering or plaster or other surface treatment of the wall; made of selected clays, or treated, to produce the desired color.
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44% stake in the country's largest facing bricks producer Pavlovskaya Keramika in a deal valued at RUB1.
Heylen Bricks manages a facing brick plant with a capacity of around 50m units of the WF-size, which is the standard for facing bricks.
Where builders prefer the aesthetic qualities of brick, designers may be able to change specications to an alternative style with better availability, or changing to a cladding system with facing brick slips.
They are flat-roofed, and uniformly built with a very dark facing brick.
3 Cast Stone ASTM C1364 Segmental Retaining Wail Unit ASTM C1372 Concrete Roof Paver ASTM C1491 Concrete Facing Brick ASTM C1634 Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry ASTM C1670/C1670M Veneer Articulating Concrete Block ASTM D6684 (dry-cast only) The draft Product Category Rule informs Environmental Product Declarations for a host of unit types.
The building, which is in a conservation area, features a pitched roof and facing brick finish.
A detached former mansion house constructed in about 1910 to a unique design and externally finished in facing brick.
The most common material for outer walls is facing brick which can be rendered over or a cheaper option is painting the brickwork.
The extension would be finished in a buff-coloured facing brick and the tower will be decorated with relief sculptures, carvings and paintings of themes derived from Hindu mythology.
We have train drivers facing brick bombardments as they power along the tracks at 100mph.
He added that as a result of synergies and high raw material reserves, the acquisition of Baggeridge would create substantial growth opportunities over the coming years in the UK, which is the largest facing brick market in Europe.