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The newest plain-paper facsimile machine is transmitting five times faster than before, cutting transmission time from an average of 11 seconds per page to 1.5 seconds.
Com 1 is dedicted to modem communication while Com 2 is switched between an OCLC dedicated line and the facsimile machine. There are phone lines for the fax machine, the modem, and the telephone.
* Plain-paper facsimile machines. Thermal models are already outmoded, as consumers go for upgraded models with better copy quality.
It's often difficult to select a facsimile machine that meets every office need.
Weyerhaeuser and the IRS agreed this could be corrected by more extensive use of the facsimile machine and greater on-site involvement as the examiner's report is being prepared.
He added that the advent of the facsimile machine and GST credits for transportation capital costs will result in location becoming less important for some companies.
CDR Roundup--Two growing areas in the communications industry, the pay telephone and the facsimile machine, are presenting chain drug retailers with a number of new opportunities.
The system -- consisting of a dispatcher terminal, a mobile hookup and sometimes a miniature facsimile machine -- allows dispatchers to pinpoint the locations of trucks.
Then he used a facsimile machine in the hotel to send a copy to his office in Toronto, which then submitted the proposal on time.
- Sanyo's office automation division has introduced a new compact thermal facsimile machine, model SFX-33, for a suggested retail price of $449.95.
FACSIMILE MACHINE - Once considered a luxury, fax machines have achieved international popularity as the prices have plummeted in the last five years.
With such a system, a caller also has two additional choices for receiving images: (1) transmitted at slower speeds on the public telephone network to a personal computer or a facsimile machine; or, (2) mailed, when time is not critical.