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fresh frozen plasma, PCC, factor VII concentrate or recombinant factor preparations.
Successful control of massive gastrointestinal bleeding following umbilical cord blood transplantation (UCBT) by use of recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) and octreotide infusion.
First-line therapy for hemostasis is recombinant activated factor VII or activated prothrombin complex, which bypasses the factor VIII inhibitor in the coagulation cascade.
can be used in the quantification of Factor VI, Factor VII, Factor VII, Factor IX, and Factor XI antigen levels.
Patient was told to carry a medical card with his information stating patient's diagnosis and that he may need factor VII replacement prior to major surgical procedures.
Requirio soporte transfusional, manejo con antifibrinolitico y factor VII a recombinante por seis aplicaciones.
Severe Bleeding required platelet transfusion and Recombinant Human- activated factor VII administration.
PAI-1, tPA, prothrombin and Factor VII were selected; the effects of the phytoestrogens on the remaining genes was within the background range (data not shown).