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1. Law an actual event, happening, etc., as distinguished from its legal consequences. Questions of fact are decided by the jury, questions of law by the court or judge
2. Philosophy a proposition that may be either true or false, as contrasted with an evaluative statement
3. after (or before) the fact Criminal law after (or before) the commission of the offence




(artificial intelligence, programming)
The kind of clause used in logic programming which has no subgoals and so is always true (always succeeds). E.g.

wet(water). male(denis).

This is in contrast to a rule which only succeeds if all its subgoals do. Rules usually contain logic variables, facts rarely do, except for oddities like "equal(X,X).".
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He said, "The launch of the Factual Strategy Group, coming so soon after a similar initiative in children's programming, means this is a very exciting time for S4C International.
216, had sufficient factual bases tending to show that actual rebellion exists,' Calida said in his 63-page petition filed at the SC on Saturday.
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To be sure, factual claims play different roles at the Court.
He joined S4C in June 2012 after having produced, directed and presented factual series in both Welsh and English, working in the independent production sector as well as for the BBC.
Managing director of Boomerang Gareth Rees said: "Following a fantastic year in 2012, having someone of Tess' calibre join the Boomerang team marks an important step for the company as we continue to build our factual entertainment and features division.
2007) gave participants short stories including an introductory sentence describing an initial situation, followed by a critical sentence either in factual or counterfactual format and a subordinate clause shared by the two versions.
The move will also provide Factual Photo with additional resources to boost its investigative capabilities and technology.
Not only has Kroll Factual Data saved us time and money, they have solved several key issues for us and helped the bank become more profitable and efficient.