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Finally, whether discovery-based learning is faddish, I suppose, is in the eye of the beholder.
Unquestionably, there is a faddish element of the social networking movement.
"Assessment Literacy for Teachers: Faddish or Fundamental?" Theory Into Practice 48 (2009): 4-11.
Without being the faddish size zero, Lara looked healthy, super fit and sensual all at once.
Actually, I feel pretty stupid for being tricked into paying over the odds by a faddish French word - it's essentially just a delicatessen.
She underwent an intellectual crisis, she says, discovering that these strategies, which she now calls faddish trends, were undermining public education."
The sheer speed of making a query, and finding myriad options, whether it's finding a boutique hotel in Gaza, unloading toxic assets-like the Penthouse under the bed with the amazing Dylan interview-or watching the antics of the subservient chicken, Burger King's once faddish, now shonky, avian peepshow.
Celebrity culture is fickle and faddish, and very often the social awareness celebrities promote suffers the same fate.
The rejuvenation resulted in eight "raw spaces." "The reason I did it was not faddish, but because I assumed someone spending $1 million ...
The faddish '60s love child, who scorns George's conservative politics, breaking down into a teary-eyed lover stunned by George's heartbreaking news, also stuns us with Elsasser's remarkable range.
Adult attention deficit disorder is quickly becoming the new gay "wastebasket," or faddish diagnosis some doctors and patients are clinging to in an effort to keep up with our 24-7 culture.