faience tile

faïence tile

Glazed or unglazed ceramic tile which shows characteristic variations in the face, edges, and glaze that give a handicrafted, nonmechanical, decorative effect. Also see majolica.
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The Flint Faience Tile Company had its origins in a meeting between Champion and Carl Bergmans, a Belgian ceramist working for the American Encaustic Tile Company in Zanesville, Ohio.
lot 01 - earthworks, special foundations, carcass work, vrd, - lot 02 - wood frame - wood floor, - lot 03 - cover - sealing, - lot 04 - exterior carpentry - occultations, - lot 05 - partitions - doublings - false ceilings, - lot 06 - interior wood carpentry - furniture, - lot 07 - locksmithing - metalwork, - lot 08 - painting, - lot 09 - hard floor coverings - faience tiles, - lot 10 - resilient floor coverings, - lot 11 - elevators, - lot 12 - heating - ventilation - plumbing - sanitary, - lot 13 - electricity: strong currents - weak currents.
The entire complex of the Blue Mosque covers an area of 7,000 square meters, including a courtyard, a ritual building, a dome and a minaret, paved with decorative faience tiles.
Here, for example, the blue faience tiles covering the walls are directly inspired by the mausoleum of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I, which was built in the 15th century; the small twisted column toward the top left of the painting, however, is more reminiscent of the Ottoman Baroque style of the 18th century.
This is topped by a much older element, an old carved mirror whose glass was replaced with rustic faience tiles handpainted with wildlife motifs.
Many of the cinema's original features remain, such as the cream and black faience tiles, metal windows, rubb er flooring dating from the 1930s, and an almost unaltered projection room
It is a structure of great power and apparent simplicity, enlivened by a minutiae of intricate and exquisite detail, such as the 11th century wooden panels of the Minbar or pulpit, delicately carved in relief; or the 30 plaques of iridescent faience tiles -- brought from Baghdad in the Ninth Century -- surrounding the Mihrab or niche facing towards Makkah, which is sculpted from marble.
Named after the artist, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, it is crowned by a suspended vault of white faience tiles bearing a radiation symbol.
The entrance hall, the arcaded clerks' and accountant's offices and the first-floor corridor, with other ancillary rooms, are all faced in faience tiles supplied by Burmantofts, mainly in turquoise, buff and pale yellow, with a fine Newcastle Breweries logo panel.
When executing the order, the following types of construction works will be executed in the Detelina DG building according to the attached Quantitative Account (Annex 1): - Scraping of swollen paint and wall and ceiling ulcers; - Smudging of ulcers on walls and ceilings; - Priming of putties on walls and ceilings; - Latex painting on walls and ceilings twice; - Oil painting doubled on wooden surfaces; - Demolition of concrete bed and faience lining; - Internal lime-cement single-layer base coat; - Facing walls with faience tiles 20/30; - Delivery and installation of a wall mixer; - Dismantling old, supplying and installing new lumen.
10 - millwork / solaire4312eff2 protectionN A 11 - faience tiles / Flooring coule6312 / 6352eff2No.