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With the fainting spells, Stacy's mother, Marla, 46, had a difficult time letting her daughter out of her sight.
A faulty baroreflex, says Hajduczok, can cause fainting when pressure dips too low, or a stroke when pressure soars too high.
Provincial Health Department Director Ung Rathana attributed the fainting to lack of air circulation in the classrooms, while provincial referral hospital chief Hing Phan Sokunthea said it could be due to low blood sugar and calcium detected in the students.
It's not uncommon for girls to faint around the time of their period or for fainting to occur when someone is hungry or hot.
Living with mysterious fainting episodes can cause great fear in patients and exposes them to the risk of significant trauma.
But Dr Tubbs said that low heart rate made him more prone to fainting when the pretzel stimulated a nerve when it got caught in his throat.
Called a tilt-table test, the diagnostic tool can help doctors rule out irregular heart rhythms or other life-threatening conditions when examining patients who report fainting spells.
This will be evident at ESC, as physicians present new data on topics such as the long-term efficacy and safety of the Endeavor(TM) drug-eluting stent, mortality and economic benefits of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) for heart failure patients, and an integrated diagnosis and treatment strategy for unexplained fainting.
Although her fainting fits can be caused by standing for long periods or not eating regularly, Tessa has pinpointed a more unusual trigger - blockbuster films.
John's fainting fits even baffled doctors when his concerned parents took him for a check-up.
Moments before fainting, Weld had started shaking as he approached the podium, Petras said.
fainting due to an abnormally slow heart rate) who may benefit from pacemaker therapy.