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What does it mean when you dream about a fairground?

A dream about being on a fairground often draws on the feelings we had when at fairs as a child. These could be happy, fun feelings, or unpleasant feelings. Otherwise, the dream indicates something about one’s life in the public arena, or social connections.

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Pennock said the fairground building would be used to keep the zoo open year-round.
From Saturday the usually busy bus route will be closed to motorists on weekends while the road is fitted with outdoor games - such as giant Jenga and Connect 4 - and a host of fairground rides.
But now it feels a lot like that age -old fairground con.
Janet Marsh agreed, writing: "Time to go - there's nothing Victorian about it anymore, it's just one big noisy fairground. A lot of businesses do not benefit from it."
Firm fairground favourites are not forgotten and visitors can expect to enjoy the crashing dodgems, dizzying twister, and numerous fun and game side-stalls.
Fairground and circus fun for all YOUNG and old shrugged off the unseasonal wet weather to enjoy fun and games at the annual Berry Brow Carnival.
Onlooker Deano Sawday, 38, from Porthcawl, said he went down to the fairground shortly after 6pm.
The second agricultural fairground in Worcester was located near Elm Park, where it endured until around the turn of the century, when the fairgrounds moved to a site in Greendale.
The fairground is included in the price of a break at Bognor, with a four-night stay at Wave hotel starting at PS49 per person.
The 24-year-old has contacted legal firm Irwin Mitchell, which is campaigning for greater fairground safety.
Vernon, who is credited with helping to save troubled Barry Island fairground from complete collapse, told Wales on Sunday there was never any doubt he would follow in the footsteps of his father, his grandfather, his great-grandfather and his great-great-grandfather and become a travelling showman.