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What does it mean when you dream about a fairground?

A dream about being on a fairground often draws on the feelings we had when at fairs as a child. These could be happy, fun feelings, or unpleasant feelings. Otherwise, the dream indicates something about one’s life in the public arena, or social connections.

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The midyear fairgrounds report submitted this week was a wake-up call for a county board that faces expensive upkeep costs plus a fast-approaching deadline tied to possible relocation of the grounds away from downtown Eugene.
Pennock visualizes the fairgrounds lawn as an African setting.
Through an immersive performance installation, museum and gallery spaces will be transformed through a fairground set design, an obscure artist's impression of a colourful exotic world.
The second agricultural fairground in Worcester was located near Elm Park, where it endured until around the turn of the century, when the fairgrounds moved to a site in Greendale.
The agreement marks the first-ever sponsorship for the 112-year-old Fairgrounds and is a unique way for the Credit Union to reach members of the local community, according to Mike Blubaugh, Whitefish Credit Union's Chief Financial Officer.
Paris, or at the Paris Fairgrounds office by asking for Pat.
ASUNDERLAND business responsible for the health and safety of over 7,000 fairground and theme park rides and attractions in the UK is gaining international recognition as a best practice framework in regions including the Middle East.
The revamped traditional fairground at Butlins' Bognor Regis resort is now open.
Sarah Smith, a deputy coroner for Georgia's Chatham County where the fairgrounds are located, said no deaths have been reported to the coroner's office.