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1. a rootstock or base of a plant, usually a woody plant, from which shoots, etc., are produced
2. a cluster of shoots growing from such a base
3. Chiefly US a decoy used in hunting
4. waste matter evacuated from the bowels
5. (in W Africa, esp Ghana) a chief's throne
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The flat piece upon which a window closes, corresponding to the sill of a door.
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packing piece, stool

A block which is used to raise one or more members above others.


1. The flat piece upon which a window shuts down, corresponding to the sill of a door.
2. A narrow shelf fitted across the lower part of the inside of a window opening; butts against the sill.
4. Same as packing piece.
5. A framed support.
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A New York airing seems a longshot: "Salammbo" would seem to fall between two stools -- probably not the Metropolitan Opera's cup of tea and too-expensive a production for the New York City Opera.
In doing so, it does fall between two stools, attempting to be iconoclastic and judicious at once.
Despite the value of the collection in one volume of short academic essays and more polemical pieces by Duncan there is a sense that they fall between two stools. The 'academic' Duncan consists of essays on late-eighteenth and nineteenth-century French art and society and on modernist art and criticism (certainly important for the academic social history of art and feminist art history tradition).
The original stories fall between two stools - neither as wise as traditional legends nor as developed as short stories need to be - but some of the adaptations of traditional tales are worth comparing to earlier versions to understand the process by which traditional materials evolve under modem tribal conditions.
The January transfer window has worried me intensely because I felt United could fall between two stools. Do they buy to get out of the Championship or buy for the Premier League?
An average dual player is going to fall between two stools so it's really an exceptional talent that is going to crack it and I would say Eoin Cadogan (left) could do it.