fallen arches

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fallen arches:

see flat footflat foot,
condition of the human foot in which the entire sole rests on the ground when the person is standing. When the foot muscles are weakened or the ligaments are strained and stretched, the arch lowers, so that instead of the natural curved contour, there is flattening of
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Fallen arches is a genetic condition but can be aggravated by bad footwear.
These latest treatment services from the company include offering medical care for patients suffering from skin and nail infections, in-grown nails, corns, callouses and ulcers, foot problems associated with diabetes, bone spurs, fallen arches and numerous other podiatric medical issues that require urgent treatment.
"Pakistan is our twin brother, and like us, it also suffers from terrorism," said Karzai, as if terrorism were a troublesome but unavoidable affliction akin to indigestion or fallen arches. "Luckily, in India you suffer from it only occasionally." To root out the cause of terror, Karzai implied, the twin brothers would have to stay on speaking terms- not a very comforting thought for a country that often perceives terrorism as a Pakistani import.
Consultant Mr Jarman believes the 11-year-old has a problem with a fallen arches and advises against wearing pumps.
If the Versace shoe fits, you are most likely a victim of fallen arches (as in the church buildings).
Therefore, I suggest you only grab copies off women, pensioners, men with fallen arches and children.
Scholl's, flat feet and fallen arches, hosiery, jack boots, moccasins, Nike, pedicure, reflexology, sandals, socks, Spice Girls, These Boots are Made for Walkin, webbed toes, and The Wizard of Oz.
Named as patient MS at the hearing, it was said that he had incorrectly advised her that she had fallen arches (a ligament problem in the sole of the foot) during a home visit on June 13 of that year.
Sydney, Dec 29 (ANI): A revolutionary new form of shock therapy pioneered by a team of German researchers may benefit millions of people who suffer the agony of heel spurs and fallen arches.
Over time, the ligaments in the foot's arch will lengthen, resulting in fallen arches.
UK Subs @ TJs, Newport, Saturday: Punk evergreens continue to pogo despite what must now be a shocking case of fallen arches and back problems.
"Some beers are being especially brewed for the festival - one is called Fallen Arches to commemorate the collapse of the viaduct in 1857 and another is called Duckfat Bradshaw, named after a local youth hanged in 1821 for a murder committed in the nearby Malt Shovel pub."