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What does it mean when you dream about falling?

Falling is a universal dream motif. Psychologists speculate that fearful falling dreams are rooted in our early experiences as toddlers learning to walk. Falling dreams often reflect a sense that one has failed or “fallen down” in life. Dreams of falling also occur when one feels completely overwhelmed or out of control, such as during a divorce or the loss of a job.

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This is a common dream which usually represents underlying fears and feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. Interpret your dream by considering your primary fears, current difficulties, and situations in your life that seem to be on a downward spiral, especially those situations that seem outside of your control (financial, romantic, etc.). Some people believe that if you keep falling in your dream and don’t wake up that you will die at the point of impact. This is absolutely not true. In a falling dream you wake up out of fear and not because of danger of dying. Superstition-based dream interpretations say that if you fall a long distance in your dream and get hurt, be prepared for really hard times ahead, but if you fall and are not injured your upsets will be minor and temporary.
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The likelihood of falling increases with the use of neuroleptic and antipsychotic drugs.
The MFS (Morse, 2009) was chosen as the evidence-based instrument to assess patients' risk for falling (low <25, medium 25-50, high >51).
They used the same kind of statistical test to determine whether grip strength alone or slow walk speed alone (1 meter per second or slower) affected chances of falling. These statistical tests simultaneously consider several factors that may affect chances of falling, such as age, race, weight, and other illnesses.
Only 10% of appropriate medical record documentation has been reported for geriatric cancer patients who self-reported recent falling [10].
(8) This scale is a short, easy-to-administer tool that measures the level of concern about falling during social and physical activities inside and outside the home, whether or not the person actually does the activity.
"We're seeing increasing numbers of adults falling every year and that's expected to continue due to the aging of the country.
However, children with medical conditions, such as neurological issues, may be at greater risk for falling (Harvey, Kramlich, Chapman, Parker, & Blades, 2010).
It has been estimated that 424,000 people die each year all over the world because of falls and 80% of these incidents occur in low- or middle-income countries.8 Most of the time, patients aged above 65 years are the victims.9 Due to unexplained reasons, females appear to have greater risk of falling after excluding physical and social cofounders.10 Every year 37.3 million cases of falls acquire a degree of severity that need medical attention.11
New data on the height of falls can help to quantify the increased risks of severe injury and death due to falling to a lower level from a height.
"Our free guide 'Avoiding slips, trips and falls' will give you advice about how to reduce the risk of falling, dealing with the fear of falling and what to do if you do have a fall.
I'm a pro at both tripping up and falling down them.
Three different detection algorithms with increasing complexity were investigated using two or more of the following phases of a fall event: start of the fall, falling velocity, fall impact, and posture after the fall.