falling door

flap door

A small door, hinged horizontally along the bottom, that opens downward.
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"She crept out-- Gagool; I did not see her, I was faint--and the door began to fall; then she came back, and was looking up the path--I saw her come in through the slowly falling door, and caught her and held her, and she stabbed me, and /I die/, Bougwan!"
MSP Joan McAlpine said she wrote to council chief executive Gavin Stevenson last month following the first child being Questions Finlay Carson MSP injured by a falling door.
So you need Co noc only worry about the door falling and conking someone on the head, which happened here, but also the danger of a Soldier geCCing his fingers caughc between the slots if he tried to catch a falling door. He could easily lose fingers if that happened.
"I heard a crash and turned round to see men fleeing from the path of the falling door.
Jackie Grant The new PS28 million North West Community Campus in Dumfries was closed for two days after a six-yearold girl was injured by a falling door.
A SIX-YEAR-OLD pupil was taken to hospital after being injured by a falling door three days after a PS28million superschool opened.
The focus of this production from Falling Doors Theatre is the investigation by Detective Morris (Catherine Devine) into The Hideaway, a virtual world of Victoriana and manners created by a man looking for a loophole to indulge his unnatural urges towards children.