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What does it mean when you dream about falling?

Falling is a universal dream motif. Psychologists speculate that fearful falling dreams are rooted in our early experiences as toddlers learning to walk. Falling dreams often reflect a sense that one has failed or “fallen down” in life. Dreams of falling also occur when one feels completely overwhelmed or out of control, such as during a divorce or the loss of a job.

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This is a common dream which usually represents underlying fears and feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. Interpret your dream by considering your primary fears, current difficulties, and situations in your life that seem to be on a downward spiral, especially those situations that seem outside of your control (financial, romantic, etc.). Some people believe that if you keep falling in your dream and don’t wake up that you will die at the point of impact. This is absolutely not true. In a falling dream you wake up out of fear and not because of danger of dying. Superstition-based dream interpretations say that if you fall a long distance in your dream and get hurt, be prepared for really hard times ahead, but if you fall and are not injured your upsets will be minor and temporary.
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He's constantly falling to one side. His head tilts noticeably to that same side.
Long, "and you imagine a line through its head from ear to ear, that line will be slanted relative to the horizon." Another frequently observed sign is an animal's falling to one side. "When a dog has this disorder," he explains, "it feels like the whole world is tipping to one side, so it leans the other way to set things right.