fallow land

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fallow land,

cropland that is not seeded for a season; it may or may not be plowed. The land may be cultivated or chemically treated for control of weeds and other pests or may be left unaltered. Allowing land to lie fallow serves to accumulate moisture in dry regions (see dry farmingdry farming,
farming system adopted in areas having an annual rainfall of approximately 15 to 20 in. (38.1–50.8 cm)—with much of the rainfall in the spring and early summer—where irrigation is impractical.
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) or to check weeds and plant diseases. As a method of restoring productivity, rotation of cropsrotation of crops,
agricultural practice of varying the crops on a piece of land in a planned series, to save or increase the mineral or organic content of the soil, to increase crop yields, and to eradicate weeds, insects, and plant diseases.
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 is now preferred to fallowing, which is considered wasteful of humus and nitrogen.
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Of the three clusters that mixed crops, one was mixtures of fruit trees, almonds and walnuts; the second was dominated by fallow land and a mixture of other crops; the third group was very diverse, and tended towards a comparatively even mixture of grain crops, tomatoes, alfalfa/hay and fallow land.
The current fallow land in 2005-06 was 172.28 acres (51%) while in 2011-12 it decreases to 27.51 acres (8%) of the total cultivated land (Table 1).
However, the other options such as drainage management which is consist of shallow water table management, underground water management, wildlife and wetlands, sequential use of drainage water, saline soil amendment, physical--chemical treatment, fallow land, use in saline soil lands, agricultural, biological treatment, evaporation ponds, rivers, oceans and lakes, salts and grouting deep into the soil are 2 to 16 priorities.
As much as 200 thousand hectares agricultural land has fallow in the whole island, and these fallow lands not only breed weeds, pests, and rodents but also spend the government annual budget for maintenance.
With the country importing 60% of its food and private farms outperforming state farms on a fraction of the land, authorities are gradually deregulating the sector and leasing fallow land to would-be farmers.
People see a failed project sitting on fallow land, and are likely to associate that failure with the lending institution's brand.
Coun John McCabe, who represents the Hebburn South ward, said: "The site in question is fallow land which is not being used.
According to the Palestinian News Agency, the first air raid targeted a fallow land owned by Anan family with at least one missile near the petrol station in Al-Soudaniya neighborhood in northwestern Gaza city.
During the following year, the saw-blade cutterhead was replaced with a more aggressive flail cutterhead and tested in natural prairies, fallow land, and forests to collect open-area shrubs and underbrush.
To determine whether ruminants used for extensive landscape management affect the exposure risk for Lyme disease for hikers, we compared tick density and spirochete prevalence along the waysides of a trail crossing a goat-and-cattle pasture, meadow, and abandoned fallow land.
Measures could include fallow land, buffer strips and landscape features.