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1. (esp of plants) superficially resembling the species specified
2. Music
a. (of a note, interval, etc.) out of tune
b. (of the interval of a perfect fourth or fifth) decreased by a semitone
c. (of a cadence) interrupted or imperfect
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Nonfunctional architectural element; such as a false arch, false attic, false front, false window.
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A small, compiled extensible language with lambda abstractions by W. van Oortmerssen.

For Amiga.
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"When we get our Magic Belt," he made reply, "our King, Roquat the Red, will use its power to give every Whimsie a natural head as big and fine as the false head he now wears.
James Brown had been unreasonably sensitive on the subject of his false teeth, and that the one member of his family who knew of his wearing them was the relative who now claimed his remains.
So he told the Constable to seize False and to cut off Guile's head, "and let not Liar escape." But Dread was at the door and heard the doom.
We will distinguish propositions of this kind as "image-propositions" and propositions in words as "word-propositions." We may identify propositions in general with the contents of actual and possible beliefs, and we may say that it is propositions that are true or false. In logic we are concerned with propositions rather than beliefs, since logic is not interested in what people do in fact believe, but only in the conditions which determine the truth or falsehood of possible beliefs.
False, he must secure possession after making immediate contact with the ground.
Congress has long provided a cause of action against medical providers who make false claims for reimbursement from federally funded programs.
False -- Athletes often incorrectly think that their helmets and pads prevent severe neck injuries.
(9) Thus, while recoveries by the United States in whistleblower cases under the False Claims Act have been increasing exponentially since the Act was amended in 1986 (from $390,000 in 1987 to over $1.1 billion in 2005), (10) recoveries by the IRS under its whistleblower program in recent years have not even reached $100 million (including taxes, penalties, and interest).
The False Statements Statutes prohibit the making or using of a materially false statement or document in a matter within the jurisdiction of a federal government agency.
True or False? Last December, Iraqi voters elected members of a new Parliament.