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(so͞o`dənĭm) [Gr.,=false name], name assumed, particularly by writers, to conceal identity. A writer's pseudonym is also referred to as a nom de plume (pen name). Famous examples in literature are George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), O. Henry (William Sydney Porter), Stendhal (Marie Henri Beyle), and George Sand (Mme Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, baronne Dudevant). Perhaps because the genre is not considered a serious one, detective story writers often use pseudonyms, especially if they are noted in other fields; for example, the poet C. Day Lewis wrote mysteries under the name Nicholas Blake.


See S. Halkett and J. Laing, Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymous English Literature (7 vol., rev. ed. 1926–34; repr. 1971).

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Using a pseudonym, which is a fictitious name or alias. Pronounced "soo-don-a-miss." For example, cryptocurrency transactions are pseudonymous because the aliases are the sender and recipient's secret keys, not their names. However, if someone is able to determine the identity of the key, then all the transactions ever made with that key are no longer private. Contrast with anonymous, which means nameless. See cryptocurrency.
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False name Shane Stride narrowly avoided being locked up
North Wales Police tweeted: "John Joseph Duggan 58, circulated locally in April as wanted by West Yorks Police for fraud offences was arrested in #Benllech living under false name. Thanks for all your help in locating him."
In one of the frauds, two diamond rings, a diamond chain, and a tank watch worth PS53,690, were successfully bid for at a Christie's sale in London on June 9, 2010, using the false name Philip Smith, the court was told.
The defendant is allowed to go through the court process under a false name because of fears that his life would be at risk if he was to be properly identified.
When sent a form asking who was the rider, he gave a false name and said that at the time of the offence he had already sold the bike on.
Richard Paul Brereton, of Daniels Drive, Ruabon was prosecuted by Wrexham Council officials after failing to pick up his dog's mess twice - and giving environment officers a false name.
A MAN gave police a false name after being stopped in a car carrying cannabis.
Hancock, who gave a false name, said he saw three men attacking the victim and claimed he had shouted at them to stop before coming to help their victim.
The scientist later admitted that he had given the police a false name to save face after he was arrested in a sexual harassment case.
A MAN received pounds 3,000 in benefits he was not entitled to by working under a false name, a court was told.
A former member of the Shah's state security agency who at first claimed he spent three decades in prison under the Islamic Republic has been arrested in Vancouver after giving Canadian immigration authorities a false name.
If an attorney is representing a criminal defendant and discovers the client is using a false name, is that knowledge protected under attorney-client privilege or does the attorney have an obligation to tell the court?