false plate

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wall plate

wall plate, 1
A horizontal member (such as a timber) across a timber-framed, masonry, or concrete wall to carry and distribute the load imposed by members that support the roof.
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The vehicle, which had been given false plates, sustained minor crash damage, along with attempted removal of logos and signage.
DUBAI -- Cases of drivers tampering number plates to avoid paying fines are on the rise in Dubai with police issuing alerts for 1,158 vehicles with such false plates.
A black Porsche Cayenne with false plates pulled up and two gunmen opened fire, killing Redmond, 42, and injuring friend John Maguire.
Police seized three pistols, a stolen car with false plates and bomb making equipment and manuals during the raid in Montauriol.
And when they searched his lorry, which had false plates, they found 1.
Our snaps show one motorist, in a stolen car with false plates, racing along Main Road, Ryton, Gateshead at 75mph ( 40mph over the limit.
They say the men did not drive off at speed, but declined to comment on whether the men's car had false plates or whether specialist anti-terrorist officers were used.
Genuine number plates with the Fermanagh registration OIL 9303 had been taken off and replaced with the false plates PIJ 5695.
The court heard the BMW, which had false plates, had been stolen in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, and was one of two stolen cars being pursued by police.
However, we believe it may have been on false plates.
It turns out the Kia was on false plates and replica VIN plate stickers had been fitted to make the car appear genuine to the unsuspecting buyers.
One robber, with a crowbar, demanded staff open the safe where the gang grabbed tens of thousands of pounds before fleeing in a white VW Golf TDI with false plates.