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What does it mean when you dream about dentures?

You may be needing to “get your teeth into” something, or be “biting your way through” a situation. If you are being bitten, perhaps there is a struggle for control within yourself or within your relationships, personal or business. Losing your teeth relates to feeling that you have lost your personal power and your sense of control in your life. (See also Bite, Teeth).

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He said: "Sure look, I got a new set of false teeth and when I took a glass of water the bottom ones came loose.
Another shows Tommy Masonwho has bitten off more than he could chew, losing his false teeth to the notorious teeth-destroying Blackpool rock while on holiday there.
It is just as important to keep false teeth as clean as natural teeth, since poor denture hygiene puts you at risk of oral yeast infections, even if you aren't at risk of cavities.
The "Wrecking Ball" beauty (we dare call her "beauty" after this picture) posted a very weird picture of herself with her pet dog and false teeth.
A SET of false teeth, a full sized skeleton and a crocodile's head that was an ashtray in disguise are among the donations given to Barnardo's shops after Christmas.
Researchers have advised that putting infected false teeth in a microwave oven for three minutes makes them safe.
Summary: British nationals are apparently wasting embassy time with "ludicrous" inquiries about lost false teeth, pest control and runny jam.
But a spokesman for Tata Steel said the man, who worked for contractors Harsco Metals, lost his false teeth after a portable building housing his and other workers' belongings was destroyed in the incident.
Police called to the incident were handed the false teeth by a homeless man who found them lying in the gutter.
The false teeth were acquired by a bidder who paid more than three times the guide price.
For them it was dentures or nothing and many players, particularly those in their late 20s and beyond, had a plate in their mouths supporting one or several false teeth.
A SET of false teeth and a full sized skeleton are just two of the weird and wonderful donations to Barnardo's charity shops this year.