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family leave,

social policy permitting workers to take a specified amount of time off from the job to attend to pressing family needs. The U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act (1993) attempts to balance family and work obligations. This law, which covers companies with 50 or more workers and employees with at least a year of service, mandates up to 12 weeks of leave per year for various family medical emergencies and for the birth or adoption of a child. It also stipulates that the employers must continue to provide health care benefits and that returning workers must be given their old job or an equivalent position. Many states also have family leave laws, and in many European countries and Japan, longer periods of paid leave are common.
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Paid family leave is a great idea in principle, but small employers do not have the profit margins to address all the rules and regulations they are already trying to manage.
The author details the development of paid and unpaid family leave policies at the national and state levels in the US, and the influence of women's movement actors and other activists on the policy-making process.
has blazed its own path in its quest to implement family leave.
California's first-in-nation provision of paid family leave led to a substantial increase in fathers taking leave, most often for sons and first-borns.
analyzed the 2000-13 waves of the American Community Survey--a national survey that covers demographic factors, housing, work, and more--with 2000 Census data to estimate how California's first-in-the-nation government-paid family leave program has affected fathers' leave taking.
Only 12 percent of workers in the United States have access to paid family leave.
Over the past few years, bills have been introduced in Congress to create paid family leave for employees.
4 percent in 2014 for full-time workers) and increasing labor force participation, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry has recently concluded the Montana Paid Family Leave Study, a year-long endeavor funded by a grant from the U.
BALTIMORE -- President Barack Obama launched a fresh push Thursday to bring paid sick and family leave to working parents and other private-sector employees as the White House unveiled proposals that could benefit tens of millions of people.
A California lawmaker wants to protect workers who use the state's temporary disability insurance family leave program against employer discrimination.

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